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We are platform for knowledge sharing and networking, uniting a diverse group of professionals passionate about modern technologies. It's your gateway to meet leading experts, participate in dynamic events, and tap into a wealth of content. Join the conversation on the latest trends and expand your horizons within our community.

smart networking

Connections are important for personal and business development. But just as important is how you make them. Do you go to conferences and knock on groups and chat rooms to make those very useful connections?
Meet a new person online every week who matches your interests and needs. Find peers, partners and experts.

Gain, share and create new knowledge together

In the process of studying and researching, we save tons of content in notes, documents, and saved links. Sometimes without thinking about the authority of the resource or the expertise of the author.

We have changed this by creating simple and convenient tools for saving all this information, retrieving it with the help of AI and collabrative filtering based on expert ratings of our platform members. I.e. now you can trust the response from the LLM knowing who added this material and with what expert level in the domain of expertise.

Save the information to both personal and community versions of the knowledge base. Use it in your daily work, evaluate the quality and "mine" the knowledge, receiving rewards from the platform and recognition from the community!

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Our hybrid conferences and meetups gather the brightest minds in venture capital, startups, and innovation. For participants, these events provide unparalleled networking opportunities, exposure to cutting-edge trends, and insights from industry leaders. They foster connections that can lead to potential funding, partnerships, or career growth. As a speaker, you get to position yourself as a thought leader, share your expertise, and receive direct feedback. The visibility can significantly elevate your professional stature and expand your influence within the community.
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We have currently paused paid access for new members. You can get early access to the new platform with NFT pass.
Access to online webinars, meetups and conferences organized by Entire VC. Excluding co-hosted events.
Documents for reimbursement by the company for training and participation in events.
Possibility to subscribe from the company for several employees. Corporate discounts. Upon request by email.