Gain, share and create new knowledge together

Save the information to personal and/or community versions of the knowledge base. Use it in your daily work, evaluate the quality and "mine" the knowledge, receiving rewards from the platform and recognition from the community!
In the process of studying and researching, we save tons of content in notes, documents, and saved links. Sometimes without thinking about the authority of the resource or the expertise of the author.

We have changed this by creating simple and convenient tools for saving all this information, retrieving it with the help of AI and collabrative filtering based on expert ratings of our platform members. I.e. now you can trust the response from the LLM knowing who added this material and with what expert level in the domain of expertise.

How it works

1. Use simple tools to save info

Just click on the icon in the browser extension and specify in which knowledge base you want to save material from the current page or selected text. Or just send the link/text or document to the Telegram bot. That's it! No need to memorize, arrange and tag information, we will do it all automatically.

2. Access your personal or community knowledge base

also in a Telegram bot or browser extension. Yes, the web version is coming soon too.

3. Be sure of the level of expertise

Every time we extract information using AI we take into account, based on internal metrics, the level of expertise of those who added it to the domain of expertise relative to which you are communicating with the chatbot. And this information is available to you. You can always contact that particular community member or expert.

4. Community contribution

Your LLM response scores not only improve the quality of information processing, but also contribute to the rating of other users on the platform.

5. Reward for your participation in the community

Adding information, evaluating results and other tools of asessment is information mining. And we reward participants for this seemingly natural and commonplace use of the platform. After all, this is what makes the opportunity to work with information more effective and useful.

Data mining with rewards

Every action you take, whether it be adding information, especially new and unique information, your evaluations, all of this allows you to accumulate points (tokens) and improve your expert rating.

The funny fact is that tokens are both a well-established term in LLM work and a blockchain solution for transferring value. You can use them both to pay for work with the platform and for different perks on our platform and with our partners. Or simply convert them to another crypto.
Request a summary of whitepaper if you want to know a little more about our future tokenomics.

Get early access

You can purchase Founder Edition NFT-pass.
It allows you to get early access and future tokens of the platform. And this is 100+ in karma and more perks 😉
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all other:
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